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Spring Special
White Choc and Vanilla Bean Hot Chocolate

sm: $5 reg: $5.50 lrg: $6

Flat White
Batch Brew

Long Black

6oz $4.50  8oz $5  12oz $5.50

Brewed Chai 
Hot Chocolate v.
Matcha Latte v.
Tumeric Latte v.
Teas - english breakfast, green, earl grey, peppermint, lemongrass & ginger

sm: $4.70 reg: $5.20 lrg: $5.70

Extras - soy, almond, oat, decaf, extra shot .50 cents 

Kombucha $5.50
Juice $5
Soft Drinks $5
Water $4

Iced Drinks

Iced Latte
Iced Long Black
Iced Batch Brew
Iced Chocolate
Iced Matcha
Iced Tumeric
Iced Mocha

One size $6

Extras - soy, almond, oat, decaf, extra shot .50 cents 

Smoothie $8.50 - banana, mango, mixed berry
Milkshake $7 - chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, caramel

- soy, almond, oat. .50c



Sausage Rolls $7.50

Beef Pie $9.00

Chicken Pie $9.00

Lamb Pie $9.00

Scallop Pie $9.50

Vegan Madras Pie $9.00

Homity Pie (Potato and Leek) $9.00

Fresh Wraps $11.50 - Corned beef, cheese, fresh greens, home-made pickled cucumber, home-made picked cabbage and pickled onion

Falafel, hummus, fresh greens, home-made pickled cabbage v.

Toastie Special $11.50 (temporarily unavailable)


Chocolate Brownie $4.70 g
Almond Croissant $6.70
Monte Carlo $4.70
Florentine $4.20 gf
Cranberry Slice $5 gf .v
Cinnamon Star $2.70
Ginger Date Cookie $4.20 gf
Cacao Bliss Balls $4.20 gf .v
Banana Bread $4.70
Homemade Trail Mix $9.00


All our goodies are sourced locally 

v = vegan
gf = gluten free
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